Assistance Application

About the Application and its Process:

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a monthly basis. If you are granted assistance through our program, your local pharmacy (or the pharmacy which services our patients) will receive a check in the mail to cover the cost of your medication for one to three months. Applications are reviewed using morbidity and mortality data published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on a yearly basis as a guideline. With your signed consent, we will conduct medication compliance reports by contacting the pharmacy where your medications were filled to ensure it has been received by you. Applications that are approved can only be granted for a maximum of three months worth of medication, as permitted by remaining refills. If you wish to receive assistance for more than three months, you must reapply in the first few weeks of month three to ensure your application is reviewed in time to avoid a potential gap in receiving your medication. FOR EXAMPLE, if you were granted assistance in January for a three months supply of a blood pressure medication, and if you still require assistance beyond March, then you will need to resubmit an application for assistance during the first week of March. Certain situations where you may receive a three month's supply of medication in one month at a discounted rate, as agreed upon by the servicing pharmacy and RxRescue, Inc., may allow us to grant you medication assistance with one check that would cover a three month's supply of your medication. Not every medication is covered by RxRescue, Inc. We maintain an on-site database of drugs that are not covered. If you would like to know if your medication is eligible for assistance, please email or call our office at or 919-665-3407. As a general rule of thumb, chronic disease are where we tend to focus our financial assistance. Drugs like birth control, erectile dysfunction medication, topical acne medication, etc. are not covered by RxRescue, Inc.

Once your faxed or mailed application has been sent to RxRescue, Inc., we will contact you with details of your eligibility. The medication assistance program is operated on donations and grants from the public and granting organizations. The amount of financial assistance we are able to grant depends on available funds. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" tab.

Based on your application status and need, approved or denied, you will receive publicly available information mailed to your house that will hopefully allow you to manage your disease states more effectively. We pride ourselves in providing access to educational materials to our clients so that they may hopefully live longer, healthier lives and become educated on the diseases with which they live.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to our organization and we will not share any of your information with anyone without your signed consent. All of your personal, medical information is stored in secured areas within our office with restricted access. We do not discriminate when reviewing the applications based on: age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, or physical limitation.

The above information is just a summary of our process and does not express the entire procedure. This process may change at anytime based on the amendments to the governing bylaws of the organization.


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