Levels of Giving

Platinum Pharmacist – A Platinum Pharmacist is a donor who, like a Pharmacist, takes patient care personally with substantial donations that sustain the mission and activity of RxRescue, Inc. The yearly contribution from a Platinum Pharmacist Donor is $20,000

Donor Perk: The Platinum Pharmacist donor will be cordially invited to an annual luncheon with the board of trustees and advisory board. The luncheon will provide the donor with a chance to meet the general board and board of advisors as well as hear from a few of the patients that were served by RxRescue, Inc.

Golden Giver – A Golden Giver is a donor who realizes that the financial donations made to RxRescue, Inc. are as valuable, to the patients we serve, as gold. The yearly commitment level of a Golden Giver is $10,000.

Donor Perk: The Golden Giver will receive a yearly specialty gift from RxRescue, Inc. to be determined by the board on a yearly basis.

Silver Server – A Silver Server is a donor who serves not only the patients of RxRescue, Inc. but the through a yearly contribution of $5,000.

Donor Perk: The Silver Server will receive a letter from a patient explaining how the donors gift was used by the patient.

Bronze Believer – A Bronze Believer is a donor who believes in the mission and goals of RxRescue, Inc. with a yearly commitment level of $1,000.

Donations can be made all at once or payable over a 12 month period. Yearly recurring donations are crucial and necessary to sustain the mission of RxRescue, Inc. Unrestricted donations are preferred by RxRescue, Inc. and will allow us to maximize your donation. Donations may be earmarked for a specific geographical location, but cannot be earmarked for specific applicants. With a restricted donation, your earmarked money can only be used once a complete and board-approved application has been generated in the geographical location defined by your donation.

Thank you in advance for your participation and commitment to quality health care!

Marshal Carter, CEO

RxRescue, Inc.

Levels of Giving:

Platinum Pharmacist: ($20K+)

Golden Giver: ($10K+)

Silver Server: ($5K+)

Bronze Believer: ($1K+)

    • Chase Westen, AZ (2013)

Recurring Donor's Club:

People listed below may also be found in corresponding 'levels of giving' categories above. The list of donors below are those who have committed to

12 months of consecutive donations at various amounts.

    • Dr. Janine Kushner | Durham, NC | 2014-2015

    • Mr. Travis Santoy | Greensboro, NC | 2013-2014

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